New product lines H2OFF Bike Lubricant and H2OFF Automotive Electric

Nuove linee dei prodotti H2OFF Bike Lubricant e H2OFF Automotive Electric

We are pleased to announce the launch of new product lines of H2OFF. The new products will have a formulation lighter than the industrial line but are very effective thanks to our nanotechnology.

H2OFF Automotive Electric is a product dedicated to the protection of electrical contacts and ignition systems of cars and motorcycles and other vehicles. Its anticorrosion features block the oxidation and corrosion in progress. The nano molecules protect against short circuit and blocking of electrical contacts.

H2OFF Bike Lubricant is a unique product for the lubrication of chains of bikes and motorcycles. Unlike other lubricants it rejects and will not attract dust and sand. In addition to its remarkable lubricating properties it protects metal parts from corrosion, so it is also suitable for the storage of bikes during the winter. These products are available in cans of 150ml and 50ml

* Available for delivery from 20.06.201