Classic Line

Anticorrosive Lubricant Oil H2OFF
Olio lubrificante anticorrosivo H2OFF Anticorrosion

H2OFF anticorrosion For protection of metal products from all forms of moisture and corrosion. It has excellent sealing features, anticorrosion and lubricants.

The unique characteristics of H2OFF are confirmed by strict laboratory and practical tests. Features:

• Protects metal parts from all forms of moisture, salt vapor, condensation, fog, rain, snow, acid rain, salt water and chlorinated water.

• Penentrates under the layer of rust facilitating its removal. Stops the corrosion processes • Removes grease, stains of bitumen, soot and dirt.

H2OFF Electric
H2OFF Electric
Protection for electric and electronic equipment from humidity, oxidation, short circuit and electrical dispersion. Has excellent waterproof capacity, anticorrosion, and lubricants. H2OFF's unique features are confirmed by severe practical and laboratory tests. Designed specifically for industrial applications in extreme environmental conditions.