Classic Line

Olio lubrificante anticorrosivo H2OFF Anticorrosion
Anticorrosive Lubricating Oil H2OFF
H2OFF anticorrosion For protection of metal products from all forms of moisture and corrosion. It has excellent sealing features, anticorrosion and lubricants.
H2OFF Electric
H2OFF Electric
Protection for electric and electronic equipment from humidity, oxidation, short circuit and electrical dispersion. Has excellent waterproof capacity, anticorrosion, and lubricants. H2OFF's unique features are...

Automotive line

h2off automotive electric
h2off automotive electric
H2OFF Automotive Electric is a product for protection of the electrical contacts and ignition systems of cars and motorbike. His anticorrosion features allow to block oxidation and corrosion. The nano...
h2off bike lubricant
H2OFF Bike Lubricant is a unique product for the lubrication of chains on motorcycles and bikes . Unlike other lubricants it rejects and will not attract dust and sand. Apart from its outstanding lubricity...

Railway line

H2OFF Railway Anticorrosion Lubricant
H2OFF Railway Anticorrosion
H2OFF RAILWAY Anticorrosion is a unique product, based on nanotechnologies, that can be used in all gears and mechanical linkages even if subject to extreme temperatures as it lubricates and
H2OFF Railway Electric
H2OFF Railway Electric
H2OFF RAILWAY Electric is a unique product, based on nanotechnologies, that restores and improves electrical conductivity of active parts and can thus be used in all electrical contacts even