h2off automotive electric

h2off automotive electric

H2OFF Automotive Electric is a product for protection of the electrical contacts and ignition systems of cars and motorbike. His anticorrosion features allow to block oxidation and corrosion. The nano molecules grant protection against leakage currents and short circuit.


  1. Protects electrical and electronic equipment from all forms of moisture and corrosion.
  2. Preserve the electric and electronic contacts from rain, ice and snow
  3. Prevents oxidation, the formation of fungus and mildew on electrical contacts
  4. It improves the electrical isolation and the quality of the contacts, prevents the electric leakage
  5. Restores the functionality of electrical contacts of devices that have been exposed to water, moisture, oxidation, corrosion
  6. Allows the restoration of electrical equipment that had been soaked in water.
  7. Does not require any surface preparation.
  8. Effective even on wet surfaces.
  9. Extends the life of the surface after treatment


  1. ignition coils, terminals of the battery, timers;
  2. electrical contacts and connections of all types, fuse boxes;
  3. fans, air conditioners, generators, starter;
  4. contacts caravans, wipers, and electric windows;
  5. electric locks;
  6. sound signals;
  7. control units of the engine.