H2OFF Bike Lubricant is a unique product for the lubrication of chains on motorcycles and bikes . Unlike other lubricants it rejects and will not attract dust and sand. Apart from its outstanding lubricity protects metal parts from corrosion, it is perfect for the storage of bikes during the winter.


  1. Lubricates and restores full mobility mechanisms rusted and frozen
  2. Eliminates friction and squeaks.
  3. Penetrates under the layer of rust facilitating its removal. Stops the corrosion processes.
  4. Can be used on paint scratched or scraped to prevent or stop the formation of rust
  5. has a very high capacity and capillary penetration, and therefore is able to reach and lubricate the deepest mechanisms without the need to dismantle them.
  6. It does not require any surface preparation.
  7. Extends the life of the surface after the treatment, to prevent damage.


  1. Lubrication of components subjected to friction chains, gears (front, rear), brake cables, threaded connections.
  2. Joints of the pipes of the frame, handlebars
  3. Lubricates and protects all types of seals and rubber parts