Anticorrosive Lubricant Oil H2OFF

Olio lubrificante anticorrosivo H2OFF Anticorrosion

H2OFF anticorrosion For protection of metal products from all forms of moisture and corrosion. It has excellent sealing features, anticorrosion and lubricants.

The unique characteristics of H2OFF are confirmed by strict laboratory and practical tests. Features:

• Protects metal parts from all forms of moisture, salt vapor, condensation, fog, rain, snow, acid rain, salt water and chlorinated water.

• Penentrates under the layer of rust facilitating its removal. Stops the corrosion processes • Removes grease, stains of bitumen, soot and dirt.

• Lubricates and restores full mobility mechanisms rusted and locked, can also be used on nuts and bolts.

• Restores the functionality of mechanisms and devices that are already affected by moisture and corrosion. Eliminates friction and squeaks.

• Can be used on paint scratched or scraped to prevent or stop the formation of rust.

• Prevents freezing of movement mechanisms and moving parts (locks, hinges, locks, etc..) and provides reliable operation up to the winter temperature of -80 ° C.

• It has a very high capillary and penetration capacity , so it is able to reach and lubricate mechanisms that are difficult to reach.

• Effective protection and lubrication of joints and fittings, bearings and moving parts. • Form a layer of waterproof protection.

• It is hydro-repellent : penetrates the cracks and micro fractures expelling the water that has accumulated.

• Completely removes moisture from the treated surface

• The strong capillary effect push to the product to penetrate inside mechanisms without the need to dismantle It reaches and fills microscopic cracks.

• Maintains the elasticity of seals and rubber parts even in extreme temperatures (from -80 ° C to 140 ° C)

• It does not damage metal, plastic, rubber, glass, lacquers, enamels, paints, ceramics and electronic components.

• It does not dissolve in water and does not form emulsion

•It does not contain: rubber, silicone, acrylic, teflon, aromatic components.

• it is safe for human health and the environment;

• Does not lose its features at temperatures from -80 ° C to 140 ° C.

• Ideal for storage of vehicles and equipment , including agricultural and construction equipment.

Unlike normal anticorrosion products and antifreeze fluids H2OFF is resistant to high mechanical loads, does not absorb moisture, does not contain isopropanol and ethylene glycol;

Does not evaporates, does not require an extra cleaning after use. While removing moisture lubricates treated mechanisms and restores the functionality.

The protective layer is firmly attached to the surface and can withstand severe mechanical stress. It forms a film which greatly increases the resistance to corrosion.

Reccomended for: Prevention, maintenance, repair and restore any metal part exposed to the risk of corrosion:

• Industrial and Petrochemical plants Construction machinery

• Agricultural machinery railway equipment

• Military vehicles and equipment,

• port facilities Ships and boats of all kinds bolts, nuts and other threaded connections. closing mechanisms, locks doors, hinges, etc.. Vehicles and equipment with chain drive (motor vehicle, motorcycle, motor boats, lawn mowers), and facilities difficult to access.

For perfect protection is recommended to use it on the quad every 100 miles, bike every 1000 km;

Repair of scratches on the bodywork Conservation of joints and fittings, bearings and moving mechanisms Metal products during the storage in open areas or in wet areas Weapons for hunting and sporting arms, conservation of ancient weapons Repair and preservation of corroded threads Cleaning and storing of antique metal objects It allows maintenance and repair centers to offer an additional high-tech and high value service (the protection with H2OFF) It is easy to use.

Does not requires special preparation of the surface. Effective even on wet and dirty surfaces

Precautions: Pressurised container!

Do not expose to direct sunlight to temperatures above 50 ° C. Do not open or burn even after use. Use in well ventilated areas. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact - rinse with water! After use, cans may be disposed as household waste.

Flammable! Do not apply on hot objects and electrical equipment connected to the main power. Notes: one spry can of the product is sufficient for one square meter.

Apply at temperatures from -20 ° C to 35 ° C. Shake well and spray on the surface from a distance of 20-30 cm. The product acts 10-15 minutes after application. After the application the product maintains its features at temperatures from -80 ° C to 140 ° C.

Duration of protection: 1-3 yeasr from the date of application. After application, the H2OFF film could be damaged by friction and other forms of mechanical abrasion.

Ingredients: Highly purified mineral oil, anticorrosion additives, antioxidants, paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons, H2OFF. Propellant gas: propane and butane. H2OFF has a special formula that is based on advanced patented nanotechnology