H2OFF Electric

H2OFF Electric

Moisture protection for electrical and electronic equipment . Liquid insulating spray (oily).

To protect electrical and electronic equipment from humidity, oxidation, short circuit and electrical dispersion.
Has excellent waterproof capacity, anticorrosion, and lubricants. H2OFF's unique capabilities are confirmed by stringent practical and laboratory tests .

Designed specifically for industrial applications in extreme environmental conditions.

In the laboratory and practical tests exceeded the performance of all the previously developed anti-corrosion products.


  • Protects the electrical and electronic equipment from all forms of moisture: steam, condensation, spray, saltiness, fog, rain, acid rain, seawater and chlorinated water. Protects against corrosion
  • Prevents short circuits and preserves from freezing electrical and electronic contacts
  • Restores the functionality of electrical contacts, electrical and electronic devices that have been exposed to water, humidity, oxidation, corrosion
  • Prevents oxidation, the formation of mould and mildew on electrical and electronic contacts
  • improves electrical insulation
  • allows you to restore, preserve and enhance the values of resistance and insulation on electrical equipment that is located in a humid environment
  • cleans and protects electrical contact from dust and dirt
  • prolongs the life of electrical devices and electronic equipment in humid environments or in extreme climatic conditions
  • improves the quality of electrical contacts and prevent electrical leakage
  • Protects from static electricity and shorting
  • Allows the use of electrical equipment that had been immersed in water.


  • Form a waterproof and water-repellent protection layer Form a layer water -removal (H2OFF particles penetrate in micro crevices and cracks and spews water which had accumulated)
  • completely eliminates moisture from the surface treated
  • Maintains, also in water, the quality of electrical contacts
  • Form an insulating layer that protects against leakage
  • has a strong capillary effect that allows the product to infiltrate the most inaccessible parts of the equipment without disassembling
  • Fills the micro cracks and micro fractures excreting water and impurities that had accumulated
  • Maintains elasticity of seals
  • Does not damage metals, plastics, rubber, glass, enamels, lacquers, paints, ceramics, electrical and electronic components
  • Does not dilutes in water
  • Does not dry and does not become solid
  • Does not form an emulsion
  • Has a dielectric effect
  • Does not contain silicone, acrylic, rubber, Teflon, aromatic components
  • Iis safe for human health and the environment
  • Maintains its features and benefits at -80° C to 140° C.
  • Does not evaporates
  • Duration of protection: from 1 to 3 years, the duration could decrease if the treated surface is subjected to friction.


maintenance and repair of :

  • Electric switchboards
  • Industrial equipment
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Construction machinery
  • Farm machinery
  • Railway equipment and trains
  • Outdoor lighting,
  • lighting and wiring in wet environments, light boxes, advertising, projectors
  • Electric motors
  • Electrical equipment of any kind: drills, milling machines, lathes, saws, lawn mowers,
  • Electric ignition systems of cars, motorcycles, scooter ignition coils,
  • High-voltage cables, battery clamps, welding equipment, timers & electrical equipment: generators, slippers, clamps, jacks, power transformers,
  • Protection and security systems: observation devices, security alarms and sensors monitoring, video surveillance systems, external microphones and cameras.
  • Boxes of fuses, blowers, generators, starter, wiper, electric locks, heating equipment, electric, cooling systems, audio alarm pre-sales
  • Equipment for service stations


  • Superior moisture protection
  • Restores the electrical conductivity of oxidized electrical contacts
  • Avoids dispersion
  • Cleans and protects the electrical and electronic equipment from dust and dirt
  • After application retains its characteristics even in case of strong temperature variations.
  • Prolongs the life of the area of the devices after the treatment

Unlike normal fouling, products and antifreeze fluids for unlocking and locking screws H2OFF is resistant to high mechanical loads, does not absorb moisture, does not contain isopropanol and ethylene glycol; does not evaporates, does not require an extra cleaning after use. While removing moisture lubricates treated mechanisms, electrical and electronic devices and restores the functionality.

The protective layer is firmly attached to the surface and can withstand severe mechanical stress. It forms a film which greatly increases the insulation resistance between the conductors. In this regard, you may want to spray the H2OFF after completing the assembly.

It is convenient to use.
Has a wide range of applications.
Can be applied without any special preparation of the surface.
Effective even on wet surfaces