H2OFF Railway Anticorrosion

H2OFF Railway Anticorrosion Lubricant

H2OFF RAILWAY Anticorrosion is a unique product, based on nanotechnologies, that can be used in all gears and mechanical linkages even if subject to extreme temperatures as it lubricates and protects against corrosion. It prevents water molecules from depositing in the protected part avoiding not only the oxidation and corrosion, but also the formation of ice on them. H2OFF RAILWAY Anticorrosion can be applied even when gear, mechanical linkages and metal equipment are already damaged by humidity. It works also at extreme temperatures from -80°C to +140°C.

• Protects metal components and systems from all forms of humidity:
vapor, condensed moisture, splashes, fog, acid rain, chlorinate water,
salt water
• Restores the operation of devices already damaged by exposure to
• Considerably extends systems and equipment working life
• Has an excellent lubricant effect wich after application don’t attract
• Protects against H2S corrosion
• Prevents corrosion and stops corrosion already in progress
• Can be applied on wet surfaces and does not require pre-treatment
• Forms waterproof and water repellent coating (fills micro cavity and
micro cracks and expels accumulated water and dirt)
• Penetrates under rust, facilitates rust removal, forms protective
• Retains elasticity of rubber parts like seals and gaskets,
eliminates efficiently squeaks and mechanical friction
• Does not damage metals, plastic, rubber, glass, varnish, paint,
ceramics and electric motors

• On maneuver linkages of railway switches
• On the of shock prevention devices of railway switch electromagnet
pin of and its linkage
• In all gears and levers avoiding friction and centrifugal clutches in
RailCrossing boxes.
• On rotation mechanism of turnout disks and diverters
• On all parts wich are subjected to wear, dirt and corrosion
• On mechanisms of the key switch locks
• On Silec Cautor and Forfex levers
• On kneeling systems of the retractable footboard
• For rubber parts and seals
• On gear turnouts
• On P40 and P70 pistons and gears
• On pantograph mechanism
• On MET mechanism
• On all mechanical parts, levers and gears of rolling stock